Create your perfect cake

Together we can create your perfect cake

When organising a celebration, there are lots of decisions to make and things to remember.

Hopefully the following guidance will make choosing your cake one less thing to worry about!

Some things to think about…

There are lots of things for you to consider in creating your special occasion cake.  I can talk you through the options, but it’s helpful if you’ve already had a think about the following, before you get in touch.

  • Would you prefer a fruit cake, or a vanilla, chocolate or other flavour sponge?
  • Round, square or a completely different shape?
  • How many portions do you want to serve?
  • And how many tiers, just one or more?
  • Do you have a colour scheme or theme in mind?
  • What level and style of decoration would you like and do you have any ‘props’ you want included?
  • Do you need to cater for any special dietary requirements, for example: egg-free, dairy-free?

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully the questions and answers below will help you, but I’m always happy to chat about cakes, so please do give me a call or send me a message if you need anything more.

Keeping accordion Qs closed
Do I have to choose a design from your website or social media?

No, the pictures I’ve included are just examples of my work to start your ideas flowing!

Will I be able to see the design before you make the cake?

Once we have talked through the design for your cake, I will send you a description of the design and include photos of similar design details, which you can then approve.  This helps ensure that the cake I make for you turns out as you’re expecting.

Can I have a mixture of fruit cake and sponge cake?

Yes, however if you want a stacked cake the fruit cake will need to be in the bottom tier(s).

Fruit cake keeps longer than sponge or chocolate, which can be really helpful if you want to give people cake after your event.

What size cake do I need to serve all my guests?

In truth it depends on how big a portion you want to serve to each of your guests!

Fruit cakes tend to be served in smaller portions, so you won’t need as much cake as you would if you choose a sponge cake.

For a 3 tiered wedding cake (10” 8” and 6”), a rough guide would be as follows:

Fruit cake – should serve approximately 150 guests

Sponge cake – should serve approximately 100 guests

For larger weddings, I can make additional cakes for cutting and serving which are not part of the display cake.

How much does a cake cost?

When creating your perfect cake, the majority of my time is spent on the decoration, which is what personalises it for your special occasion.

As well as the size, the cost of a cake is therefore directly linked to the amount and style of decoration you want. 

So if you’re working to a budget,  please give me a call to discuss your cake and I will be happy to advise on what is achievable within the amount you want to spend.

What different shapes of cake can you make?

As well as the more traditional round and square cakes, I can also make heart, oval, petal or even triangular shaped cakes.

If you’re looking for even more of a wow factor, you could choose a 3D carved sponge.

I also make cupcakes… and sometimes create a cake which has a signature cake as a top layer, with tiers of cupcakes below.  Delightful to look at and easy to serve!

Are you able to supply a cake stand?

I do have some stands available, including cupcake stands and a glass wedding cake stand.

These can be hired for a small charge plus a refundable deposit and need to be reserved in advance.

Wedding venues often have stands available too.

How far in advance do I need to order?

As soon as possible really, as some periods can get very busy.

I like to make fruit cake 3 to 6 months in advance as this enhances the flavour.

In some cases, I can make a cake at short notice, so it’s always worth asking.

You can book the date without making a final choice for your cake and if you do change your mind on the design it’s not the end of the world!

Please also read the Important Information page

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