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Choosing your Cake

Your Wedding cake is an important focal point at the reception. By looking at photos of different cakes you will begin to get an idea of the type of cake that appeals to you. You will need to choose the shape first. There are many different shapes, round, square, hexagonal, petal, heart, oval even triangle. Once you have decided on a shape you need to decide whether you like something traditional, or simple and elegant, or something a bit different. The cakes can be stacked or tiered with pillars or there are different tiered stands available. A stacked cake can be mixed fruit and sponge or chocolate, but the bottom tiers need to be fruit cake, with a stand the tiers can be any cake filling you prefer. Fruit cake obviously keeps longer than sponge or chocolate and is a good idea if you would like to give cake to people after the wedding. One or two tiers can be sponge or chocolate to give guests a choice, or chocolate and sponge cakes can be served as dessert. Sponge and chocolate cakes can be iced or covered in chocolate paste or curls. I can also make mini cakes and fairy cakes as part of the main cake or just as favours or gifts for parents and bridesmaids for example or people who can’t attend the wedding. Boxes are available for individual cakes.

The number of guests can influence the number of tiers you choose but extra cutting cakes can be made for a large number of guests and equally if you would like extra tiers but don’t need a lot of cake then one or more tiers can be dummies.

• Shape and size (and whether extra cutting cake is required)
• How many tiers
• Fruit, sponge or chocolate
• Colours and flowers
• Decoration
• Stand or pillars or stacked
• Extra touches eg Bride and Groom or something to tie in with the wedding theme
eg hearts, butterflies etc


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